Entrepreneurs Should Start Here

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In this world there is no shortage of problems,   and though that may sound negative, when you have an economic mindset, the problems are really just opportunities. In this new information age, the potential for financial growth and freedom has never been so accessible. If you have a laptop, or even just a smartphone, […]

Affiliate Marketing

The Hottest Marketing Scheme

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Interactive Marketing   A popular new trend is interactive marketing. This is a trendy, powerful tool for optimizing your online advertisements.   How does it work?   Basically, you offer some sort of visitor interaction within your online advertisements. It can be a quiz, tutorial, video, contest, etc. For example, if you are promoting a […]

Drop Shipping

Why you are losing money in Forex

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{Note: This article originally appeared on theclickguide.com’s exclusive articles page. To gain access to more articles like this one, click HERE } If you have been trading withing the Forex market, you have probably seen how unpredictable and volatile the Forex market can be. That is because the Forex market is differnet from other markets in […]


The Power of Compound Interest

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The Power of Compound Interest   Make your money work for you-Invest in a long-term money market account Do not simply save money in a bank account. Make your savings earn money for you. Accumulating serious wealth, becoming a millionaire, ensuring retirement in the age of failing Social Security; all of this can be made possible […]