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Why you are losing money in Forex

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If you have been trading withing the Forex market, you have probably seen how unpredictable and volatile the Forex market can be.

That is because the Forex market is differnet from other markets in that tradditional buy/sell signals do not apply. 

If you have been classically trained in trading the Forex market, you are most likely discouraged by the seemingly unpredictability of your signals. This is due to one major factor of the Forex market…

Brokers or “Market Makers” have substantial power over Forex marketing trends. 

Brokerages are a business. They exist to make money, plain and simple. They use their power to influence the market in ways that they can make money off of your investments. They aim to lead you towards irrational decisions based off of fear, greed, and impatience.
Instead of trading along the Forex trends (reading moving averages, current events, etc) you need to start trading along with the Market Makers.

Learn the proper strategies today.

There are certain characteristic trends that indicate movements made by Market Makers. They are readable and entirely predictable.
Once you have learned these characteristic moves, you can begin to make calculated, low risk moves withing the Forex market.
Making money in Forex is all about making logical, safe, small profits. You will most likely never “hit it big” with the Forex market; meaning you cannot buy into a pair (let’s take EURUSD for example) and watch the strength of the USD go up 2000 pips in a week. This is because Forex is an exchange, not a stake in a company. 
For this reason, you must learn the proper strategies of making small, calculated profits daily. Once you have mastered these strategies, you will watch as your equity grows until you can leverage larger and larger lots.  It is at this stage that these small profits turn into bigtime money.

Learn the proper strategies today. 

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From our experience, this is not just a signal group. We have joined groups before where the admin only sends signals, and that’s it. You have to choose to follow it or not.
In Elevated Signals, the community feels more like a team. The admins encourage questions and imput from their members. We provide a learning enviornment where no trader is left confused or frustrated.
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