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  Interactive Marketing  

A popular new trend is interactive marketing. This is a powerful tool for optimizing your online advertisements.  

How does it work?  

Basically, you offer some sort of visitor interaction within your online advertisements. It can be a quiz, tutorial, video, contest, etc. For example, if you are promoting a health/fitness product that is supposed to help people lose weight, then you can design an advertisement like the following:  

“You will never lose weight if you do not know your body type! Take our quiz now to figure out your body type and start losing weight today!”  

This ad provides the following things for the customer:  

1. It ads value. The customer will receive the benefit of figuring out their body type from interacting with your ad.

2. The customer builds trust. Now the customer has already received something valuable from your company. They are now more likely to be trusting of your products. Additionally, a quiz allows you to place your product in strategic positions. For example: “Now that you know your body type, use a meal plan designed specifically for it! Buy our meal plan here!”

3. It gives them something to do. You are a member of the internet, you know how annoying ads can be. It is very, very easy to look at an ad and skip over it in less than a second. However, with interactive ads, it gives the visitor something to do. Instead of reading a sales pitch, they learn of an opportunity to better themselves or figure something out about themselves. This increases the probability for visitors to click onto the next step of your ad.  

Keep this marketing strategy in mind the next time you are thinking of buying online ad space. It is a great way to engage your visitors and ad a little bit of value to their lives. Look at Buzzfeed, their entire business is built off of interactive quiz advertisements.  


Contests are another great way to interact with your customers. You have probably seen it all around social media, "Share this post, like it, and tag two friends to win a new pull-up bar!" There is a reason why these are so popular: they really work! They work for the same reason the lottery and Las Vegas work. 

People like entering things they have a chance at winning. What makes online ad space contests even more powerful than gambling is that people only have to invest their time. Tagging two friends and liking a post only takes 15 seconds out of your day. If your prize is cool enough, people will enter your contest, and thus your brand begins to spread.

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