How To Start An Affiliate/Online Marketing Business

How to Launch Your Own Affiliate Marketing Campaign 

Affiliate marketing works by driving traffic through a sales funnel. 

There are 4 main components to this sales funnel:

1. Advertisements

Every Ecommerce business needs traffic to visit their sales page, landing page, website, etc. Without people visiting your site, you cannot make money. The primary way to generate this traffic is through advertisements.

Types of advertisements:

-Social media ads: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google (Facebook is the best of these, Google is next)
Using this method, you pay the platform (like Facebook, for example) and they will put your custom ad up for traffic to stumble across.
[note: If you are good enough at creating Facebook pages, then you can generate sizable followings simply from Facebook’s “word of mouth.” What we mean by this is that every time someone “likes” or “shares” your content, this information will be displayed on that individuals page, meaning a portion of their followers will see it. All at no cost to you. This creates a chain reaction of peopling “liking” and “sharing” your content, thus spreading your content.  For further information on how to create successful Facebook pages, click  here ]
-Solo ads: Using this method, you contact people who have already built up an email list. Your money buys “clicks.” This means that once you have payed the provider, they will drive traffic from their site to yours. Now, this doesn’t mean that this traffic is going to buy your promoted product, it only guarantees that the viewers will see your promotion.

This is the method that we recommend when starting out.

This is for a variety of reasons:
1. It ensures you that traffic will actually visit your site. With social media ads, you don’t know if traffic will actually click on the ad and see your landing page. You can only know that people will see your ad.
2. It is relatively inexpensive: We recommend that you pay around 65 cents per click. This is not bad for the level of traffic you recieve. (we recommend around 65 cents per click because pricing well below this amount usually indicates poor quality)
How to find solo ads: 
Build up 3-5 solo ad providers you would like to buy from. Then, contact them via email and ask them some questions to ensure that they are legit (plus make the appearance that you know what you are talking about)
Questions to ask solo ad providers:
What is the maximum amount of clicks I can buy (this will show you just how large their list is, which indicates the success/legitamacy of their campaign)
What is your list interested in? (solo ads send traffic from their own email lists, so you must ensure that the traffic they send is congruent with your landing page. Do not buy clicks from an email list intersted in Health when you are trying to sell online gaming tutorials)
How long is your average turnaround time on solo ad orders? (this will show you how long the provider will take to process your order and then send over the traffic. This particularily applies to landing pages with set time limits on them)