Featured Products

Featured Products 

These are all of the online mentor programs, learning kits, ebooks, and more that theclickguide.com team recommends. No scams, no get rich schemes, only real coaches teaching real material. Making money online requires real hard work, however, there is no need for all of the wasted hours searching for the perfect products. We have provided links to all of the best right here:

Affiliate/Online Marketing 


Affilorama: Here is a program known as Affilorama. It has a great free training video included that has given us a good amount of value. Of course, the really good stuff lies in there paid packaging which we also highly recommend. Good insights, good coverage of all of the tools and resources required to build real sales funnels. It is at the very least worth checking out the free training segment.  To access this program,click HERE


Drop Shipping 

SellerBot: Currently we recommend this drop shipping called Seller Bot. It is an all-in-one platform designed to make operating your drop shipping business as easy as possible. It combines many of the platforms required for drop shipping all under one roof, and one fixed cost. To access this program, click HERE



Elevated Trading: Here at theclickguide.com we are excited to announce a small Forex trading signal group called Elevated Trading. From user experience, we have gathered that Elevated Trading sets itself apart for one major reason: it is built off of a team orientated community where members are encouraged to ask questions and discuss strategy with other members and admins.

To claim your spot within this group, click HERE



Like Page Builder: This online training course guides you through the process of making professional, successful fan pages on Facebook. It is extremely cost effective, it starts at $4.50! This ability is extremely valuable to all online business models. Fan pages are great, inexpensive way (if you are really good, it can cost nothing) to market your business to the over one billion active users of Facebook. Also, a business model in itself is to build fan pages and then sell them to businesses!         To access this program, click HERE