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Here at The Click Guide, we have been through the ringer. We know the difficulties online entrepreneurs face when starting their businesses. We also know that much of these hardships can be easily avoided. That's why we are dedicated to helping you build your Ecommerce empire, the right way. Side with us, and avoid the most common ECommerce mistakes that cripple young businesses. When you subscribe to our community, you will recieve the following:

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We have been through it all. Starting your Ecommerce business is not easy, thats why we are here to help. We have compiled a list of the best mentor programs on the web 

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We will send you emails to help guide your business from the personal side: work life balance, retirement accounts, mindset, planning, and more. 

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We write weekly articles containing the most recent marketing strategies, investment opportunities, Ecommerce opportunities, and lifestyle guides.

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Affiliate Marketing is one of our specialties. Learn how to earn money promoting other people's products.

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Learn the leading strategies on how to build your own drop shipping business. 


Discover strategies in trading stock, Forex currencies, cryptocurrency, and alogrothmic based trading 

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We have access to special offers from a variety of online mentors. Get the best deals on leading mentorship programs 

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Meet Our Founders

The guys behind it all at The Click Guide...

Charlie Lewis, Co-Founder

Charlie began his journey as an E-Commerce entrepreneur by launching his first Affiliate Marketing business early in his freshman year while attending Montana State University. As an active member in management, entrepreneurship, marketing, and the music industry, he has gained insight from leaders in a huge variety of industries with the intention of sharing that knowledge with his community. From the very beginning he has been dedicated to taking control of his own future and making money for himself instead of the traditional 9 -5 path. His desire to teach and share the knowledge he gained lead to the creation of the Click Guide Community and email list!

Tommy Evon, Co-Founder

Tommy launched his Affiliate Marketing and Amazon FBA businesses during his Freshman year at Western State Colorado University. Soon following, Tommy became an active day trader in the Forex market, eventually earning a spot as an administrator in a signal group. Tommy built his E-Commerce empire while earning his BA in Business Administration. After experiencing the world of E-Commerce, Tommy was inspired to create a platform allowing easier access for others to build their own E-Commerce businesses. Thus... was born.

What Our Members Say

Community members on what makes The Click Guide community great

"Almost every online mentor program looks like a scam. The Click Guide does a great job in promoting programs that actually give value."

-Ronald Costello

"The Click Guide is a great place to start in your Ecommerce adventure. Their exlusive articles page is killer."

-Kathy Vega 

"What I like most about The Click Guide are their weekly lifestyle messages. They help to keep my perspective and to keep me motivated in my work."

-Debbi Martin

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